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functional iofunctional io is the embodiment of an uncommon approach to consulting: focusing on the best way to solve the problem. It is all too common to see patterns chosen, toolsets and frameworks gathered and platforms decided on before the core of the problem is even understood.

At functional io we aim to avoid this mistake. Our focus is on your problem and our aim is to provide the ideal solution using the most appropriate tools. We believe that the tools should bend to fit the problem, not the other way around.

Are you in need of a high quality, technical solution to a business problem? Get in touch, we will be able to help you.

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Founder / Director

OJ Reeves

OJ Reeves / FounderOliver Reeves, who prefers to be called OJ, founded functional io in September 2010 after 10 years working in a wide range of Software Engineering positions.

functional io is intended to be Oliver's embodiment of an uncommon approach to consulting: focusing on how best to solve the problem.

The focus on the essence of the problem is what allows functional io to deliver viable business solutions using the most appropriate tool for the job.

Core Expertise

  • Problem Solving
  • Technical Analysis / Design
  • Software Development
  • Security / Penetration Testing
  • Implementation / Deployment
  • Documentation / Training

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Client Portfolio

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functional io was part of the core team tasked with refreshing the technology that drives Suncorp's Internet Banking application. Responsibilities included application architecture, technical design, user interface development, application development, systems integration, installation, deployment, testing, mentoring and production support.

The new platform is able to deliver more content at a faster rate to a larger number of users than before. The Business is also now able to update and enhance the feature-set of the platform with ease and without fear of breaking existing functionality.

functional io is worked together with a USA-based client to build the next generation of highly-available systems which gathers and processes enormous amounts of Voice of Customer information. Responsibilities include application architecture and design, systems and service development, data modelling, creation of a RESTful API, along with accompanying documentation and tests. A mixture of technologies are used, including Microsoft .NET, Erlang, RDBMS and NoSQL storage solutions.

The goal of this development work is to improve the fault-tolerance of the system, allow it handle a substantial increase in traffic and to allow third-party developers to build custom applications against the API.

Read the full list of technologies used.

functional io has been hired to help AECOM with a variety of problems including reducing technical debt, improving software stability, reducing code complexity, helping apply the appropriate tools correctly, mentor the development team and provide development service to alleviate the pressure on the existing developers. The applications are all built with a Microsoft technology stack and integrate with third-party Vendor APIs.

Applications are predominantly in-house, but are key in allowing AECOM to conduct core business while managing project cost effectively.

Read the full list of technologies used.

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